Enjoy this moment of relaxation and escape


Massage &
Zen and Creative Workshop

Mel, certified practitioner in “ARTS of TOUCH ®” massage, works at clients’ home or in partner institutes (in Narbonne and next to come…).

Loosen body tensions, release emotions, harmonize energies and free the mind.

Personalized approach based on intuitive listening, discussion, creativity and letting go.

Massage permanence

Well-being in business

I welcome you each week at the WAW!, a shared workspace in the city center of Narbonne.
Massages sessions of 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes
1 € per minute
First 10 minutes free
Permanences for Décembre 2023
les 01, 08, 15 et 22
de 10h à 16h

WAW! 12 Bd Gambetta at Narbonne

Appointment on site or by calling at 06 51 12 64 19


Arts of Zen


A holistic approach

Take a new and enlightened look at needs and health, and move towards a fairer balance in relationship to the body, to oneself, to others and to the daily environment.

Discover inner resources and free oneself from states of tension (stress, inner conflicts, emotional blockages, pain …).

Manage daily life with serenity, accuracy, benevolence, efficiency and harmony.

A vocation born from a meeting between the social, massage and martial arts, which continues to reveal itself through a creative impulse


Creation of a cultural, solidarity and citizen associative Café

Come live a unique and original experience and let yourself be carried away by a bubble of relaxation in the middle of a living space open to conviviality and sharing.

The idea is to open a café/canteen/tea room/solidarity grocery store with a relaxation area (board games and shared library), and an integrated shop crowned with ephemeral exhibitions.

While behind the stage, there are various creative and revitalization workshops, such as the Art of Recycling, Well-Being, and finally the Events space attached to local social and cultural citizen initiatives.

ZenZiTaï thus offers Massage sessions and Zen and Récup’Créart workshops, and is also involved in setting up scenes, events and activities around natural health and healing.

« You don’t change jobs and your life without passion! You have taken this direction with courage and determination and the more you advance in this new activity, the more I am sure that you have made the right choice.

Your massages are in your image, a great sense of listening to the soul and the body. Each of them is adapted to the moment and none leaves you indifferent, a parenthesis of great calm and « letting go », a relaxation like no other and a (re) discovery of your body.

Continue down this path, it’s yours. Long road to you, I know that you still have plenty of things to discover and to make us discover!…”


Special Offer

Right now, take advantage of special offers :

  • The gift box: 1 massage oil of 150 ml « Awakening of the senses » + 1 massage of 1 hour at 70 €
  • 2 gift vouchers purchased *, the second at 20% (offer valid for 2 massages of 1 hour)

For a birthday, Christmas, a birth, a wedding, a retirement, Valentine’s Day, a party … or simply to please!


Make an Appointment

For any request for additional information, making an appointment, purchasing a gift voucher, drawing up a quote to organize a workshop, an internship, an event, a partnership, etc.

Or to share a testimony, an experience, a suggestion or even a reference related to the Zen Universe …

Do not hesitate to contact me or send me a message. I will take the time to answer you as best I can!

Are you a manager of a company or representative of a Works Council?

Are you responsible for an institution or an association in the following areas: events, business tourism, health, social, well-being, tourism …

You want to offer your employees, the people you welcome or accompany a space for relaxation and rejuvenation that can be complementary to your activity.

ZenZiTaï invites you to share your expectations and needs in order to carry out a tailor-made partnership project.

Combine well-being and work

You carry out activities in the sectors of well-being, personal development, Art, dance, music, martial arts, theater or even drawing.

You want to introduce your employees, clients or trainees to a complementary approach allowing them to better understand the body and become more aware of their possibilities in terms of expression and creativity.

Perceiving inner movements, emotions and mental images allows you to adapt your breathing, posture and availability in order to strengthen the notion of unity and bodily awareness.

Body language as a source of inspiration



For those who wish to learn about massage to practice with their family or with those around them, here is a book that invites you to discover that « massage is above all intuition, attention and communication (…).

Through it, we rediscover the pleasure of touching, that of receiving and giving; it rehabilitates softness, tenderness, friendliness.  »

Edition Dangles

Abdominal breathing helps strengthen the abs in the same way as gym exercises. Take a few minutes to practice it while walking, while waiting for the bus, in a queue …

Stand with feet flat, shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, pelvis forward, buttocks tight, shoulders back, lift your head and look straight ahead.

Breathe in slowly through your nose while bulging your stomach, then breathe out through your mouth by pulling it in without rounding your back. (…)

With your feet anchored in the earth and your mind suspended from the stars, do you feel this life force nourishing your energy center? Everything is linked, everything is movement and everything participates in making yourself someone unique who belongs to a coherent and complementary unit.

But in the turmoil of lives today, it seems difficult to let go and unleash your true nature. Dare to be yourself, live the authenticity of your emotions and the relationship to yourself, to the other, in the joy of the present moment. Accept surprise, the unknown, change and no longer be afraid to express your dreams and desires.